Council Of Elders

Oct 28, 2021 | Art

Council of Elders painting by renowned Canadian artist Kenna Smith CHt.

On one of my regular trips around Vancouver Island, BC I found a truly mystical place! Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew on the west side of the island. I felt as though I was transported back in time as I walked among these gentle giants of the forest. I was completely alone that day with the exception of my husband and English Mastiff, Ellis. 

As I stood there looking up in the center of a circle of trees I felt the vibration of these Elders communicating with each other. It was as if I was sitting in on a very important meeting. They were sharing wisdom, healing, knowledge and doing it all through their root systems. The birds, squirrels, and even the insects were all aware and engaged in this council meeting. At one point I looked up and saw an eagle fly overhead and move out of sight. Instinctively I knew him to be the messenger that would carry the wisdom from the Council of Elders to the farthest reaches of the Islands’ forests.

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