My artwork and
product line brings
beauty and joy
to the SOUL.

Our soul is the part of us that craves the beauty and wonder of creativity and expression. Through my use of vibrant colors and WestCoast-inspired artwork, I have created a unique line of products that I hope will make your soul find bliss. Please browse through my products and see for yourself.

My Story

Paper Mache Pig is the miraculous story of how a young woman overcame “the Dark Years” of mental illness with the miraculous gift of creativity. One day sitting down in a Psychiatric hospital suddenly able to create beautiful portraits. This is an anthology of her inspiring works to date with all the stories that go along with each piece. Her First Nations influences, growing up on the west coast of Canada, and her unusual ability to see the vibrational energy of all living things make her an entirely unique and riveting artist of our times. Follow Kenna as she takes you on a journey of artistic discovery from beginning to end.

This is Kenna Smith’s sixth published book and the second edition of Paper Mache Pig. She currently lives on her beloved Vancouver Island with her husband and fur baby. Most days you can find her wandering the island in search of adventure, inspiration, meeting new people, or in her studio painting or writing. Her light and creativity have never waned even through the darkest of times and she remains grateful to God for her blessing that day.