Psychic Mediumship
is healing for

From birth, I was gifted the ability to see Vibrational Energy in all living matter. As a result, I have developed a keen sense of intuition and mediumship that I endeavor to bring healing and balance into others’ lives. I would be honored to have you book a session with me.

Please note that my rate for online readings is CAD$150, and a session generally lasts an hour. 


My Psychic Meduim Mind

This is the first time a renowned Psychic Medium has revealed the process behind a reading. She reveals her preparation before a reading, where the messages come from, how she protects herself and the way in which she delivers her profound and life changing messages. With a fresh, funny and honest approach she will share true stories of her readings and experiences that reveal the truth about Heaven and what awaits us there. She will empower you to explore your own special gifts and teach you how to be your truest and best self. You will follow along on a wonderful journey into a psychic medium mind.

We had an amazing meetup last night with Kenna Smith. Wonderful readings and positive energy for everyone. Kenna is a hypnotherapist and Kenna has been gifted as a Psychic Medium and Intuitive since childhood. She has brought hundreds of people comfort and a sense of peace through her insights into the spirit realm and her ability to connect with her clients. She believes in a high level of integrity, speaking only in love with the intention of helping and guiding people to be the best possible version of themselves. Through powerful insights, messages from the spirit world and her gentle nature Kenna has spread light to many.

Georgina C

I can truly say that Kenna changed my life. Not only did she seem to know me inside and out, she was incredibly accurate at predicting events yet to unfold in my life. I have never seen someone with such a beautiful energy surrounding her. Because of her, I am now exploring my spirituality, connecting to myself, earth, and even my spirit guides, I have never been happier.

Kaitland S

Hello Sweet Lady…Back in Sept., you met Fred and I in the parking lot of the HOJO. You spoke to us about buying in PA and where you saw us ending up. Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve ALWAYS kept that “vision” and now…have proudly bought the home that you predicted!! You will forever be part of our “story”, our “present” and now…our “future”. Can’t thank you enough for the kind words and blessings that you shared that day. Signed, Happy as Hell,

Sandra and Fred

Great reading, highly recommended

Sarah N