Founders Story

I was born in a little logging town on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC called, Port Alice. At the time it was not much more than a collection of trailers and a small supply store surrounded by the rugged nature British Columbia is so well known for. I like to imagine this is where my intense love of nature was born as well. The peacefulness and calm I feel when sitting by the ocean and breathing in the freshness of pine needles is literally in my blood. The day I was born I was also given another incredibly unique gift. The ability to see the vibrational energy in all living things. Although it was not until much later in my life that I realized it was a gift and not something every other person could see.

This unique way of seeing the world made it possible for me to see people’s energy, their illness, colours surrounding them, their moods, following their energy vibration forwards and backwards and even the ability to see pure energy in the form of spirits that had left their physical bodies! Can you even imagine being a 12-year-old child with all this happening and trying to be normal like everyone else! It was truly exhausting! I spent the next twenty or thirty years doing everything I could to suppress and hide from my ability and lead a so-called normal life. I am sure you can figure out on your own how that went!

Fast forward a couple of decades, years of experiences and healing. I began to realize that all I had been through and learned had value. All the people over the years that I had been able to positively impact with my wisdom, artwork, hypnotherapy, psychic mediumship, knowledge of health and wellness and recovery had value.

I began like many entrepreneurs by focusing on a singular area of my skills and throwing everything I had into that. I soon became dissatisfied, feeling like I was not doing all I could to really help. Often giving readings after a hypnotherapy session or giving away paintings when I felt led to. Soon, I would begin rebranding and focusing on a new area, my art would be my focus now! That would be great for awhile until….. you guessed it I would realize I was missing something. It was not a complete picture.

I started to get worried that if I rebranded again my customers who had been so loyal to me would begin to think I was a bit flaky and did not know what I was doing. This could not be farther from the truth!! My desire has always been to bring the absolute best form of healing and light to my customers in the most balanced way!

One day I was doing a painting that was representative of the medicine wheel in First Nations culture. It is balanced and relies heavily on that concept in all areas. It came clear to me then that what I had to offer was also a clearly balanced approach to a blissful life. My artwork and product line brings beauty and joy to the SOUL. My Hypnotherapy, Psychic Mediumship is healing for the SPIRIT. My teaching, books and courses are knowledge for the MIND. My natural organic supplements bring healing to the BODY.

My desire is that you will Find Bliss Here!