Light and Shade Art Exhibit

Aug 8, 2022 | Art

Welcome to FND Together’s LIGHT & SHADE virtual art exhibit, featuring the artwork of several FND Warriors across Canada including Kenna Smith CHt., who present their art to spread awareness about Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). Special Thanks FND Together would like to extend its gratitude to Lourdes Behen, the sponsor of this art exhibit. This event would not have been possible without her generosity, support, and encouragement. Special thanks also go out to Katherine Parthimos, owner of Somewhere Gallery, for curating the exhibit, and to Anaïs Favier, graphic designer/art director specializing in branding and experiential design, for her graphics to promote the exhibit. Click on the link below to access the free virtual exhibit. Navigate through the gallery and click on the art to access descriptions. Some of the art is for sale, all sale proceeds will benefit the individual artist. We hope you enjoy the show. Please give the virtual format a few moment to load following pressing the link. For more information about FND or to support the FND community, please visit our site ( FND Together © 2022. All Rights Reserved.