Our soul craves the beauty and wonder of creativity and expression. I hope that you will Find Bliss Here!

Birch Owl

Birch Owl

This painting hangs above my desk where I write. It brings me inspiration. There is
something in the eyes of an owl that holds the mystery to me. I always feel like they
know so much more than they will ever reveal. They are so silent, they see
everything. Awake all night, with the ability to see in the dark. What secrets do they

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I love to go browsing through antique shops, pawnshops, and thrift stores. I find the
most beautiful and unique things. There is something about the old and broken and
being able to make it beautiful again that speaks to me.
On one of these excursions, I found an old worn pair of mocassins that had seen a bit
too much wear. They had the most intricate beadwork on them. That beadwork
inspired this painting of wildflowers and herbs.

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Playful Orcas

Playful Orcas

My husband and I were driving around in the backroads on the lower mainland one
day as we often did, looking for adventure and letting the Spirit lead us.
We happened upon a community art market that was just about to close up for the
day. I knew we had to stop. I looked at my husband and I told him, “I don’t know
why but something magical is about to happen!”
He is such a supportive and amazing guy when it comes to my “Woo woo” stuff as
he likes to call it, so of course, we pulled over.
Playful Orcas
As I walked into the market and everyone was packing up I was instinctively
drawn to one tent. This woman was Wendy Waddell of Wise Woman Arts. She
forever changed my heart and my art!
Her smile lit up the entire market, she looked at me and said, “I dreamed of
you last night, wondered when you would arrive!” I was completely taken aback
I had never met her before but felt like I knew her all my life.
There was a beautifully handcrafted rattle painted with these intricate dots on
it. I desperately wanted it but only had a $50 bill in my purse and the price on it
was $75. I did not want to insult this amazingly gifted woman by bartering.
I felt God say to me to offer her my money and a copy of the book I had
recently published. She smiled and said, “that is what I dreamed. That a darkhaired woman with green eyes will offer you $50 and a gift take it, she has
much to offer” She told me I was the only dark-haired woman with green eyes
at her table all day and that she was refusing to pack up until I arrived.
We have a very special connection to this day. She is the one who inspires me
to paint in this style with intricate patterns and bright colors! It is the most
authentic way that I have found to express how I see energetic vibrations in the

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Vancouver Island Chakra

Vancouver Island Chakra

Vancouver Island is one of the very few islands in the world that is symmetrical in
its’ dimensions. It also has some very interesting Ley Lines crossing and dissecting
it. I read an article about the energy of Ley lines and the spirituality associated
with these special lines, from that the inspiration for Chakra Island was born.

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Sea Lions

Sea Lions

One of my dear friends is going to school and studying our ecosystem and how to
exist in it. One of her assignments was all about Steller Sea Lions and California
Sea Lions. I happened to be there one day and helped her through a verbal
presentation she needed to do.
The amazing things I learned from her about these magestic and unique creatures
inspired this painting! I will never look at these beauties the same way again!

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Sail Away

Sail Away

I went out boating with friends one day off the coast of Vancouver Island near Deep Bay, BC. It was an amazing day and we were just cruising around the ocean. I was really struck by the beauty all around us. We were coming upon this truly idyllic west coast scene of a rocky outcropping with a lighthouse and outbuildings and a gorgeous sailboat was going by. I asked my friends to stop the boat so that I could take a few pictures as my artist’s brain was thinking this is definitely a painting!!

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